Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday, January 30th, 2014; in progress

"Silence has been killing me with an awful long soliloquy."
As I awake, the dryer tumbles, the washer drips, and I only wanted to sleep twenty minutes longer.
But I shouldn't oversleep anyways.
Flowers are dying on the kitchen counter. Flowers from a lost friend, a lost lover. Flowers from a stranger who happened to walk by. Flowers from my mother, my father. Flowers to and from myself. An apology.
My phone is dancing on the table. Dancing, singing, and whispering a warning that I should walk out the door, start my car, drive down the street, and smile.
Smile sincerely.
I grit my teeth, and throw that god damn continual reminder of useless technology at the wall.
Being sincere is impossible when you don't care about the leak in washing machine.
Or the oil leak in your car.
Or your cat leaking with the fleas.
Or your own body leaking with fumes of stale cigarettes.

"Silence has been killing me with an absence of tranquility."
In this box you call a room I cut off peoples heads and paste them to trees and hang it on my wall and call it "Pieces of Art".
Pictures of John F Kennedy are hanging in my bathroom.
A woman lives in my pantry and I named her Mary.
And I mumble "Be free" to her each time I grab a can of whatever food, or whatever tea.

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