Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 4th, 2013; cat lessons

This is Patrick. Until today, I had a hard time dealing with his spastic moods, his desperation to get some fresh air, and his aversion to being cuddly. Until today though, I had a hard time understanding why he is so desperate, and why he stares out the window for hours at a time.
In correspondence to Patrick's habits, him & I, & a lot of people are a like. Because when Patrick gets outside every so often, he doesn't know what to do. When he finds himself back inside, he still doesn't quit staring out the damn window. He has felt the truth of his true nature (when he was an outside kitten), and like humans, can never forget that feeling, of being free.
Him & I are both stuck in this apartment together, both prone to the repetitiveness of habit, both feeling a sense that this isn't everything. Both kind of wondering if there's a way to get out.
Undoubtedly, I'm sure he understands that life outside means there's many of risks that lead to death, and I'm pretty positive that that doesn't matter either.
We can't ignore our true nature; we can't ignore our true selves.
Let that be a lesson from Patrick.

(if he was my cat, I probably would let him free when the weather gets a little hotter by five degrees, but he isn't my cat, so)

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