Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3rd, 2014; my friends, my friends

Well, today, I had today off. (For once in my life.)
I decided to dedicate it to all the women in life. I decided to throw them a tea party. A tea party where we let our guard down about the past because we have no clue what will happen in the near future. Unfortunately, a few of my friends couldn't let their guard down longer than two minutes, or even one second for that matter. This filled me with a bit of disappointment, but maybe one day they'll get over themselves. (Then again, maybe one day they won't.) (Insert Lightpost lyrics here: "All my effort will never get through to you; you might as well be blind to all the good my allegiance seems to do.")
Anywho, it turned into a reminiscent shin-dig because it seems the only people who stayed were the ones who were already comfortable with one another. This made the event still memorable; it made it still worth giving my spare time too. It was a very nice day.
I forgot to take photos during the time in which they were here but I took a few of the moments after they all left, and that is just as good.

It is forty-five minutes away from tomorrow.
I would rather love and to have lost then to have never loved at all. 

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