Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 16th, 2013; "God damn it, you've got to be kind."

Today wasn't a very good day. Almost everything within my body doesn't want to accomplish really anything. But I swore to my heart I would express my heart every single day in a memorable matter. So I am trying. I am pushing myself.

It's so hard to walk away from something that fills you with such loathing.
It's so hard to be kind.
It's so nice to feel a bit apathy.
But you must stray away.

This is my attempt, to walk as far away as I can from it. Even if it's just a few feet. When I do things, I'm fine. I can continue being active. It is not difficult to be successful within my own life. I just have to not give in. Ever.

So I will keep trying. I will wake up at four am tomorrow and go to work. I will not let work wreck me tomorrow like I did today. Because things are okay, and they will always be okay. I just can't blind myself from that. I can't tell myself that things won't happen, because with that attitude I will accomplish my biggest fears.

A note to my mentor, I did record a song today. The mic was really bad & made me sound like kesha at some points, so I would rather not share it. (this is part of my daily goals.) (recording a song.) (maybe tomorrow, I can figure out how to make it sound like heaven.) (but for now, I must sleep. I have less than eight hours to be at work in the morning.)


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