Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday, September 7th, 2012; Knitted

For the next minute & a half I will not let my thoughts collapse:
This morning I awoke & my shell had fallen off my back & shattered into a million pieces. I threw all the unmatchable fractions into the street & drove away filled with fear & suffocated by smoke.
My own consciousness taunted me during every moment to come throughout the entirety of the day. My heart spoke in whispers in fear of who might be listening around a corner.
I have drenched myself in the oils dug from within the earth because I thought that it was a good idea.
My veins cry out every day for hydration. My lips stutter from lack of strength.
But when the sun falls behind & the moon finds her vantage point, I stumble upon a new protector, I give him all that I am, I sleep solemnly for less than eight hours, & then I reawaken to fear.

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