Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012; Streams of Fresh Air are Hard to Come By

Hauntingly, everything that might catch an extra-terrestrial being's attention shut off. The air grew thin as smoke danced around breathable substances. From outside of the house, people wondered why the residents of the home were not running from the flames. The house looked alive although within a few moments it would soon be decrepit -along with the dwellers within.
I found myself concentrating on a small unnoticeable window towards the lower-right of the house; there shown a small unnoticeable silhouette of a figure, standing still as if they died while in the midst of staring out the window.
I wanted to run towards them-whoever that poor soul might be. In fact I almost did, but the news-reporters & innocent bystanders held me back. I don't remember much after that. My mother told me I had been mentioned in the news (they had assumed I was a close relative of some sort), that I had kicked in screamed, & that they had to take me away from the scene.
It wasn't until later that I would find out, that the person had hung themselves, after burying all the family photos in the backyard, molesting the electrical lines, killing their beloved ones, & setting their house aflame. I don't know why this so much matters to me & I don't know how I had arrived in front of that fiery house on that Sunday evening but celebrating with the words of Kurt Vonnegut: "So it goes."

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