Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, April 11, 2012; Complaints

The ceiling, she croaks
& you, well you whine
The clocks, they tick
& you, well you get ticked off
The sky cries
& you stay inside
The food's hot
& you forget about dinner
The windows, they fog up
& you stop driving
The moon hides
& so do you
The ships sink
& you never go find them
The strings rust every six months
& you replace them
The night calls
& you don't answer
The shoelaces become untied
& you buy new shoes
The rules were broken
& you make new ones
The lies have been revealed
& so you skip town
The market's open
& you always slept in
The hurricane's a-coming
& you don't care
The whole of humanity is callin'
but you can't hear

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