Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012; Why Wait Another Day?

Familiar tendencies are starting to take place. As I grow older, I start to notice trends throughout the seasons. My thoughts are similar, as are my cravings. I'm starting to figure myself out. The skies are blue today. My bones are cheerful simply from a change of atmosphere & a breathe of fresh air. Though exhausted, I can still appreciate this masterpiece that surrounds me. 
It's that time of year where I can't stand the darkness anymore but I've been struggling with even peering out the windows. & as much as I love natural light, I cannot pick myself up from the floorboards. My creative intent has sunk to the bottom of the sea & I'd like to go with it. The sun shines but I'm afraid to step outside. I keep reminding myself that my legs aren't broken & I've got all the means to do something but I just can't seem to make anything count. Inspiration always comes & goes & I never do anything about it. I'm selfishly hiding away the best parts of myself. I don't allow myself to achieve anything I take the time to perceive; all this wishful thinking drones & drains the most delicate fragments of my frame.
It's time I do something. Or I'm going to end up killing myself.
It's half past nine & this day has already proved it's self sufficient & dazzling & worthy to be incredible. Life is difficult but I've got to make everything count because if I can't do that then what can I do? I'm my work, right? 
I'm tired of wasting hours & salvaging seconds. I'm tired of waiting & I'm tired of pointless conversations. I'm sick of sleeping in & going to bed early. I'm tired of making nothing of these days.
The clocks are ticking & they're only telling me one thing so au revior & happy Tuesday. 

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