Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday, February, 7, 2012; Thirteen Doubts

The people of today blindly go about their days without minding precautions warned to them over and over and over again. Though completely awake, it's as if the people of today sleep walk through the streets. A loud crash might wake them, or a death. Perhaps, two? It'd be appreciated if one could widen their perspective for more than the time allotted. To breathe, for more than five minutes. But no matter how loud I scream, "WAKE UP." The ones who hear let the words drift in out of their hollow skulls. My words make me an enemy, assured as a terrorist at best to society's addictions.
So I stopped trying. My ambitions were crushed by the ignorance of others and my inability to slowly bring up ideas to help for the better. Now, each second is spent in thought, in utter hate and disgust. Each individual idea, gone to waste, trapped in my mind. Because, no one understands, and some think it appropriate this way.
It's not.
We're digging our own personal hell. Each and everyone with their own grave, that's soon to come once the cycles end.
Souls wasted, memories damaged, bodies burned, ideas converged.
But, my judgmental frame makes me no better than the rest.
& when times decides to reveal the truth, we'll discover who's right and who's wrong.
& when the world concludes to swallow us all, we'll have nothing else to do but let it.

That's the song we sing, to help us through the night; when ideas emerge that remain unheard of the masses who don't give a damn about the definition of right. & once sanity turns within in the person who thinks, we cast them out without a thought leaving them alone and incapable. But when a brain-dead being smirks in delight, all we do is agree.

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