Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012; Out of Step

Malleable ideas are easier to idolize; materials that allow you to move your bones and stretch your muscles are easier to obsess over. But ideas of the mind, the ones that stay up in the air, things you cannot grab no matter how high you reach or jump, are slowly fading.
Simplicity is now harder to achieve, beliefs are simply follies trampled with ease, convictions are so to say, non-existent. The mind is no longer careful, but careless.
God, poetry, danger, freedom, goodness, sin.
It's all disappearing into a mirage of comfort. & here I am, paraphrasing Brave New World, but that's where we're headed. A work of fiction can transcend into a warning.
Substance, substance, substance, substance, substance!
We're now afraid of thoughts. Fear of intelligence, ideas, emotions; Fear of love.
The thrills of life will never be enough, not anymore. We're searching for a pleasure that could be achieved without the help of an exterior enabler. Work ethics have been lost. Patience is no where to be found. Achievements are rare.
But drugs are inexpensive, & easy to find.
& it's only going to get worse.
In a country, that's built on corruption, your head should be clear & your eyes open. You shouldn't have leisure time to drink during all hours of free time. You should be ready to fight. You should already be fighting. If not outside the system, then within it.
If you don't see something wrong, you're eyes are closed. Not just within the government systems but within the minds of your families and friends. Within the streets of the cities, the grocery stores, the lakes, the surrounding states, countries, continents.
As selfish as we are, there's no doubt that we are the cause to our pain & suffering. If a difference were what one really wanted, they'd make that happen. Even the slightest difference.
I am about to make the slightest difference.
As of today, I am now of out of step with the world.

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