Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012; Hidden

Can't you see this? I'm burning. Thoughts have been folded over & over & over again & then hidden in between my ribs & throughout the columns of my spine. I'm overloaded with annoyances, thoughts, desires, & constraints. Constraints, dear God, constraints! My wrists are tied together behind my back. I'm wandering mindlessly back & fourth throughout this darkened room looking for a knife to cut the rope. But relations are hard to find. Surprises never come by. Routine is all I've got. I can't scream aloud for help because if even my whispers are heard, I'm dead. Death to the one who questions faith! May they burn in hell or freeze in the loneliest corners of the cosmos. So here I am, drifting alone in shallow waters. Wallowing in questions. Believing in disbelief because relations are hard to find. Surprises never come by & routine is all I've got. 
Their words are despicable, a mockery to their own crowns. "I'm atop the world," they say without realizing their heads are buried beneath the ground. They are foolish, a mockery to their own crowns.
What good is your foundation if you know nothing of it? "You are blind. You are blind! You are blind! Pick up the hammer & smash your own skull in because it possess no wealth to neither I, nor anyone else for that matter."
"The answers lie in the shadows. Go find them."

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