Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012; Trapped

A level of intensity can be felt in the smooth tips of my fingers or upon the sharp edge of my tongue. Today, my thoughts have left me fearless; my words, powerful. An abundance of smiles & characteristic longings leave me happy. Stinging poison still floats within my veins but an immunity has been gained through insight from an unknown source. A lesson learned with the viewing of time I suppose. Assumptions crushed with every new sunrise.
A sterling star may dance light years away but we'll never view such a thing. Our eyes remain blinded between crashes & broad empty spaces of false love & presumptions. Sheer lies hold us together. Lies lead to treadmills & tripping upon laces. These are just daily examples from each of our lives. Daring to bold but only failing in the end.
If a second seeps through the crack, let that be a blessing & if your voice be heard by somebody, sing through the tyranny. There's hope in a raindrop & love in this storm. There is no indifference.

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