Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012; Magnificence

Patience doesn't seem to exist any more. Only enthusiasm at the point in time when an idea is created or a plan made seems to be visible. Once time dribbles in by forceful currents, heads are screwed back on according to the current circumstance. Everything else is forgotten; it sinks to the bottom of the sewers.
Rare but possible, thoughts float back up to the brim of our existence but never as wholesome as that first starting point. Moments can't last more than a few seconds & then our attention is bombarded by the filthy habits of this world. Words meant for every human being go unheard. Art is thrown away each & every hour.
It makes me wonder, how can we be so selfish, to hide these visions at the bottom of our pitiful hearts? Our imaginations can be transformed into a work of art, but most don't have the attention span to illustrate that dream.  Left with a feeling of uneasiness we must forget our passions & do the work that we signed up with our first breath of air. That is what society's deemed life to be about & I suppose that's how we must live it. Still, true suffering is disappearing. It is consumed with the tip of a glass & a good three hours of staring into a television. Where are the martyrs? The outcasts? The lovers? The ones who will die for for their beliefs, ideas, plans, visions, dreams? My sight only allows me to see people who only die to themselves & live by the majority's laws. Chip away the wallpaper & rip out your backbone. Ideals have been hidden between the cracks of this obsolete infrastructure. I'm not saying scream anarchy at the top of your lungs. I'm asking you people to not compromise yourself or what's right. Why does that seem to be so hard nowadays? Everything goes wasted within a human being who slaves away for this society. Time's lost & as are countless masterpieces. Our parents drown us at the point of birth in hope a brilliant memory may be lost. Substances are gods in the feeble minds of today's youth. Strobe lights are the rising sun & cigarettes are a breath of fresh air.

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