Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012; Echos

Thin strands of light slipped through the curtains & crept beneath her eye lids to awaken her. She found it quite sincere of the sun to remember to rise before her alarm clock silenced her sleep. Hours toil by but still not a cry in the world could lift her limbs from the mattress that lie on the floor. 
Crumpled newsprint & ideas surround the space in which embodies her; her memories have been written on trash.The seconds in which she can remember are the only things that hold any worth. The world has spoiled her dreams & killed her faith; only nostalgia remains. She drowns in darkness beneath the busy feet of the world. But she misses sincerity more than she misses connection. A stranger's smile could bring her more satisfaction than a reunion of a ten year friendship rekindled. & as much as she craves the crisp movements of the wind she doesn't dare set foot out the front door. 
"The world is a menace," she keeps telling herself. Words etched into her heart. Not the loveliest spring day could convince her of any different. Her own stubbornness has locked her away, a diamond locked in a safe. Gaining value with each passing day, never realizing the potential in which she holds within her own two hands.
Hiding, unknown, never a thought goes her way. The days seem to blur, never a significant moment to recall. New stories are nonexistent, she is trapped within the curse of repetitionThough breathing & living within simplicity, she is making the least. Although graced with a live to live, she is caught in between uncertainty & callousness. She's a creator, but she's created her own darkened world within her mind. Time goes on, she's still alive but dead to herself, who's screaming inside.   

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